Guy Who Hates Fans In Team Jerseys Wears Jersey For Every Pittsburgh Sports Team

04.13.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

Now that the world has come to appreciate the bitter ways of western Pennsylvania sportswriter John Steigerwald, enjoy this bit of irony. The same guy who denounced adults wearing team jerseys can be found in this 1981 promo wearing the team of every Pittsburgh sports team, and a few other getups that aren’t.

That’s from back in the day before Steigerwald got his own radio show in the mid-1990s in Pittsburgh and realized he could make more money being abrasive than articulate. And I’m not opposed to that. But the hypocrisy here is palpable. I might be ready for a couple of Browns fans to follow this guy into a dark parking lot.

Via SB Nation.

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