All Hail Boogie Butts, The Chocolate Labrador Retriever That Ran A Half-Marathon

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10.09.13 3 Comments

On Saturday, while most of us were trying to finally master the perfect nacho recipe (okay, maybe just me), a chocolate Labrador retriever named Boogie Butts was having an adventure that could only be told in a straight-to-DVD Disney movie. According to owner Jerry Butts – that’s the actual last name and not an adorable part of Boogie’s name – his 100-pound pooch managed to wiggle free from his leash on Friday night, and nobody was able to find Boogie after his great escape.

That is, until the Evansville, Indiana half-marathon started the next day. Because at that point, everyone knew where Boogie Butts was, since he was the dog hauling ass for almost 13.1 miles to finish the race in a ridiculous 2 hours and 15 minutes. I only say that’s ridiculous because I would still be out of breath in a gutter somewhere.

Fortunately, Jerry was reunited with Boogie this week, only after the dog was officially presented his medal for finishing the race, and the owner immediately scheduled an appointment to get Boogie a microchip and a little snip snip. We don’t need another talented athlete out there knocking everything with four legs up, that’s for sure.

(Via the AJC)

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