Angels Pitcher Hansel Robles Has An Amazing Entrance Video Set To The Undertaker’s Music

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A baseball player’s entrance or walk-up music can become part of their legacy and identity on the diamond, particularly for relief pitchers.

For years, “Enter Sandman” terrified opposing hitters at Yankee Stadium, knowing they were about to have to deal with Mariano Rivera’s cutter. The same goes for “Hell’s Bells” blaring in San Diego for Trevor Hoffman and many others. It’s the closest thing to wrestling entrance themes in pro sports, and Angels reliever Hansel Robles has combined the two by entering to The Undertaker’s iconic theme music.

On its own, entering to Taker’s music as a reliever is pretty great, as you look to make opposing batters *extremely drawn out Undertaker voice* Rest. In. Peace. However, the Angels decided to get super weird with it and made Robles a pretty incredible entrance video to go along with the Undertaker music.

I’m not sure what the white horse has to do with anything, but I dig it. The addition of the picture of the black hole at the very end is a really nice touch as well.

I hope this sticks and Robles does great with this as his entrance, not because I have any rooting interest in the Angels, but because I want to see them get progressively weirder with his video package. Also, if the Angels manage make it to the playoffs with Robles keeping up this gimmick it’ll almost assuredly result in Taker showing up to a game.

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