08.20.07 11 years ago 19 Comments

Two wide receivers on the University of Iowa football team were arrested on charges of credit card theft after running up $2000 worth of bills on stolen cards last May.

Dominique Douglas, the Hawkeyes' top receiver last year, and Anthony Bowman were arrested Sunday… Douglas and Bowman made or attempted to make purchases from Hatworld, C&E Fashions and Sneakerhead using credit cards belonging to two separate victims.

Douglas and Bowman attempted the purchases online at computer labs on campus.  Yes, the same kind of college computer labs in which you would have to log in with a specific ID and password that would make it painstakingly easy for police to track.

This is why Big 10 football is falling behind the tougher competition in the SEC.  Not only would SEC fans would never rat out their players like this, but SEC players wouldn't stoop to such a small-potatoes crime like credit card theft.  Not when there's the allure of rape, arson, murder, and rape.  (They like rape.)


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