Henrik Lundqvist Got Fined $5,000 For Super Soaking Sidney Crosby

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.13.14 18 Comments

This is my new favorite fight moment. Sidney Crosby got taken down Crocodile Mile.

New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist was fined $5,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct during Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs second round series against the Pens for skating up mid-fight and squirting the NHL’s precious baby Sidney Crosby in the face with water. Remember back in March when a WHL player got unsportsmanlike conduct for drinking from an opposing goalie’s water bottle? I guess NOBODY is allowed to drink.

Here’s the clip. Closeup at the 0:50 mark.

In all seriousness, Super Soaking your opponent when he’s down is such an hilarious dick move. Who does that, honestly?

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