Here’s A Beautiful Takedown Of Lane Kiffin And Alabama Football From ‘Tosh.0’

It’s no secret that Daniel Tosh hates the University of Alabama. The comedian goes out of his way to denigrate coach Nick Saban because of what he did to his beloved Miami Dolphins. It’s been a running joke for a few years now (and a rather good one I might add).

During last night’s episode, Tosh focused his anger on Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin. It was truly marvelous. It’s easily one of Tosh’s better skits in awhile.

“Now that you’re down south, are you going to divorce your wife so you can f*ck some farm animals? And if you do divorce your wife, do you think she’ll be able to handle my big fat c*ck.”

Listen, that’s just solid, dirty humor right there.

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