Here's Everything Horrible About April Fools' Day In One Interview With Notre Dame Coach Mike Brey

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04.02.14 2 Comments

I’m with Vince at FilmDrunk on April Fool’s Day being the worst day of the year. It’s especially bad when you’re trying to follow and report ridiculous niche sports news. People think “lying” is a prank. I GAVE YOU MISINFORMATION, WHAT A PRANK. It’s asinine. Yes, I typed that in Hank Hill’s voice.

The two worst aspects of April Fool’s Day are represented in the following MASSIVE PRANK, executed by a basketball head coach on a guy who wants information from said coach:

Just when you thought Campus Insiders’ interview with Notre Dame Men’s Basketball Head Coach Mike Brey couldn’t get any more bizarre…wait till you see how he pranks our hoops analyst (and former Irish player) Jordan Cornette.

Could you handle how bizarre that was?

The things:

1. “I did something you don’t like” is not a prank. Pretending to be upset is just lying about your emotions, it is not a hot foot.
2. The exaggerated reactions of everyone involved. When Coach Brey comes back and reveals his MASTER RUSE everyone is doubled over with open-mouthed laughter. Really, guys? Was it that much of a gutbuster that he acted like he didn’t like a question and was then fine with it? Are you PISSING YOUR PANTS over it?

Anyway, happy April Fool’s Day yesterday, everybody. Here’s my fun prank: I am just trying to do my job.

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