Here’s LeBron James Alley-Ooping It Off The Walls To Himself Because He Can

We like to pick a lot of fun at LeBron James. He’s an easy target. Remember when he got a pedicure? Remember when his shoes exploded on the court because they were garbage? Remember when he and Hulk Hogan pointed to Jerry Jones’ dick? It’s fun to make fun of this big, balding weirdo.

At the same time, we must occasionally settle back to Earth and remember that he is basically better at basketball than any 10 other humans and can do anything he wants whenever he wants. Okay, maybe that’s not “Earth.” Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but he’s still a Monstar living in a man’s body and can alley-oop the ball to himself off the walls at Heat practice because of course he can.

Example #1 from Dwyane Wade’s Instagram, which is usually about shoes:


Example #2, which is even better than the first:


Absurd. I’m gonna go watch him duck underpasses and flop around like an idiot for a while and try to even this out.