Here's An OHL Goalie Trying To 'Get His Vengeance' With A Sick Cheap Shot

Straight from the bright lights and big cities of the Ontario Hockey League comes this clip of goaltender Anthony Stolarz going for Happy Gilmore-style infamy with a cheap shot to the back of an opponent’s head.

That poor head belongs to Josh Ho-Sang, and I don’t care how polite of a rural Canadian I am, if I see a goalie try to decapitate my teammate’s head from behind and then smugly swig Gatorade I am fashioning my stick into a hockey gun and shooting him the f*ck to death. What a spectacularly dirty move, made somehow better by the adorable play-by-play guys.

“STOlarz catches’im up top right in the JIBS!”

And these words I think we can all live by:

“Chris, here’s a perfect example, it would feel great, it would feel great, y’know, to get your vengeance, y’know, the rough stuff.”

I know.

h/t to Bob’s Blitz