Here’s The Most Ridiculously Intense Lingerie Football Coach You’ll Ever See

05.12.14 4 years ago 11 Comments
Seattle Mist


Seattle Mist coach Chris Michaelson is no stranger to negative press for his hot-headed demeanor. After all, he is the nuclear assh*le who offered us this epic locker room rant last year, and that was even investigated by league officials who wondered if he went too far. Apparently he didn’t, because he’s still “employed” as the coach of Seattle’s Legends Football League franchise, which is, of course, still part of the Lingerie Football League no matter which way you try to dress it up in incredibly tight shorts. And since each LFL team only gets to play once in a blue moon during each “season,” Michaelson apparently has a ridiculous amount of rage stored up in between games.

The Mist (1-0) defeated the Green Bay Chill 38-24 back on Friday, May 2, but the LFL only just posted this latest tirade from Michaelson on Friday. Regardless, he was not pleased at all with the hustle of one of his players, and there’s now a huge difference between a coach being mic’d up and this coach being mic’d up. Seriously, do not play this one around your kids, because this language isn’t just NSFW, but to quote Mitch Henessy, when Chris Michaelson goes into a bar, 10 minutes later, sailors come runnin’ out.

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