Herschel Walker Is Confident He Will Have Another MMA Fight At Age 54

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Well, we guess this makes sense. Bellator CEO Scott Coker and NFL legend Herschel Walker have a solid relationship. Coker brought Walker into the MMA game back in 2010 pitting the former Heisman Trophy winner, and he looked impressive. Now, according to TMZ, he wants to fight again at 54-years-old. It seems like Bellator is the obvious choice for the latest and greatest freakshow, considering all of the Bellator tees Herschel has in his collection. I don’t think he’ll fight Rampage, however. Even in Rampage’s twilight, he’d decimate Walker.

Herschel Walker has had one of the most interesting athletic careers in the history of athletics, frankly. He dominated college football, and at his best in the NFL, was traded by the Minnesota Vikings for FIVE players (one of which turned out to be a draft pick for Emmit Smith). While he was still in the NFL, Walker was part of the 1992 Olympic bobsled team, showing that he’s a multitasker supreme. He retired from the NFL in 1997 after multiple injury-riddled seasons, but refines his decades of tae kwon do, start a few business then the next thing you know — he knocks out two men in his brief MMA run.

Of course, Greg Nagy and Scott Carson, Walker’s hand-picked sacrificial lambs, weren’t that impressive. For what it’s worth, CM Punk taking on Mickey Gall is way scarier of a prospect than anyone Walker faced. Still, at 54, Walker is in incredible shape. He says he does 1,500 pushups and 2,000 sit ups a day. But is he still training with American Kickboxing Academy?

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