Hey YouTube Commenters, Do You Think Navy Baseball’s Tribute To ‘Frozen’ Is Gay?

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04.23.14 3 Comments

Last week, Navy baseball players Matt Kilby and Brad Borosak became viral YouTube sensations after they uploaded this video of them lip-syncing to “Life is an Open Door” from the Academy Award-winning animated film Frozen. The song is typically-infectious and everything we’d expect from a classic Disney kid’s film, and at this point anything that isn’t another F-ing cover of “Let it Go” is a very welcome change of pace. But what Kilby and Borosak have created here is really quite funny, and they deserve a lot of credit for being able to pull off such a great lip-syncing job while not crashing their car into a hospital or something. I don’t endorse distracted driving.

More than 1.5 million views later, I decided that it’s time for one of my favorite Internet pastimes, in checking the YouTube comments to see what the wise and totally not racist and homophobic oracles of online videos think about Kilby’s and Borosak’s work. Do they think that lip-syncing along to a Disney song that was sung by Kristen Bell is gay? Gee, I wonder.

Man, I am impressed by that video, and I’ve watched it at least 10 times. Those guys did a great job, and they deserve to be Internet stars for a week. So what do the YouTube commenters think?


Damn it. Okay, so that’s one person. I’m sure that he’s alone.

1 Kiss Kiss

Just because two dudes are lip-syncing to each other doesn’t mean they should start making out, okay? That should happen naturally.

2 Ending

I thought the ending was kind of sweet, to be honest.

3 bromo

I suppose that’s a better take than “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!”

4 gayest

And I suppose that’s much worse. But that has to be the worst of it all, right?

5 queers

“Hey, what’d you do today, bro?” “Nothin’, just logged into YouTube to type ‘queers’ on a gay ass video.” At least he’s blunt about it.

6 erotic

We have completely different definitions of erotic, friend. Mine involves feet.

7 uncomfortable

Probably not as uncomfortable as the guy in the back seat.

8 gay couple

When will YouTube commenters stop identifying these guys as a gay couple, instead referring to them as simply a couple?

9 blew

Okay, this is ridiculous. Doesn’t anyone have anything nice to say?

10 too cute

Um… sure. Now drive it home, “Imfromjamaicaman”!

11 bromance

BOOM, nailed it, bro.

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