Another Referee Was Attacked During A Texas High School Football Game

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09.13.15 20 Comments

For the second time this month, there was an incident during a Texas high school football game involving a player putting his hands on a referee. Earlier this month, two players from John Jay High School in San Antonio targeted a referee and took him out. The players claimed that the incident occurred because said official kept using racial slurs against them and one of their coaches suggested targeting him.

The latest incident also involved a San Antonio team, St. Anthony Catholic High School. During the team’s game against Austin Hyde Park, a scuffle broke out after a play. It wasn’t anything too crazy, just some extra pushing and shoving after the play was over which resulted in a penalty. In the aftermath, one official looked like he was going up to St. Anthony and telling them something, and senior Zeke Cardenas wasn’t a fan of what he had to say.

The official threw his flag after being approached by Cardenas, and Cardenas responded by shoving him. He was restrained by his teammates, and unsurprisingly, tossed from the game. There’s no word on what the official said that led to Cardenas shoving him, but in any case, please stop putting your hands on referees, San Antonio high school football players.

(via The Big Lead)

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