High School Girls Streaking? You Bet

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11.11.10 8 Comments

Two California high school girls were arrested at their school’s football game last Friday after they despicably, horrifically and deplorably took part in the heinous act of streaking. The two girls made their way down to the sideline and nonchalantly walked to the field before they took off running and shed their clothes. I can only imagine that the few hundred or thousand teenage boys and fathers in attendance looked away in disgusted disbelief and immediately dialed 911.

The girls made it through the stunned bands at halftime as the teenagers undoubtedly vomited and sprinted for the nearest church, before they were finally tackled by officers and arrested. The officers reportedly tried out a new search and seizure method as well, as they laid on top of the girls and whispered, “Yeah, give daddy what he wants you naughty girl.” Thankfully, these terrible female students are being dealt with properly, as they are now facing expulsion since their antics took place at a school-sponsored event. Finally, justice is served.

Perhaps the most impressive part of this story is that I typed it with one hand. Do you people want a video after the jump? Because there’s a streaking video after the jump.

WARNING: The video was apparently made by two teenage boys, so there is some NSFW language as one of the gentlemen drops more F-bombs than a sailor… who is watching two naked girls run around a football field. Probably because he can’t figure out why his pants are shrinking. But don’t worry about NSFW images because they also used their Sony Premature E-JAC camera.

(Video and details via Nerve; Thanks to Robopanda for keeping my love of 18-year old girls in mind)

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