High School RB Goes Full Jerome Simpson

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.26.12 14 Comments

This clip, courtesy of Cameron Smith over at Prep Rally, features a high school running back getting flipped, landing on his feet and running it on for a touchdown. It’s an amazing play, but it also makes our Internet-dar go WOOP WOOP WOOP, so here’s a quick rundown of why it could be real, and why it probably isn’t.

It’s real! It’s not such a stretch. We’ve seen something similar happen on a professional level, so if you take the athleticism of one player and pit it against the helpless high school play of everybody else, it could happen all the time. One guy who’s kinda good at gymnastics can set the curve for everybody. Plus, I wouldn’t want to think that guy grunting REYEAHH TOUCHDOWN, DARS TOUCHDOWNNN at the end is lying to me.

It’s fake! Come on, really? The play looks all well and good, but look at everyone else on the field. They look like extras playing “football guys” in a Beyonce-themed play on ‘Glee’. People just aimlessly block and move out of view and fall down aimlessly so we don’t miss anything. To add to the mystery, nobody can identify the players or the teams on the field. It could be because they’re terrible football players, but … yeah, it’s not on the level.

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