Hockey Player Really Uses His Head*

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03.11.11 2 Comments

As a fan of the St. Louis Blues, I don’t watch much hockey because I like to devote my time to happier things like kicking puppies and swallowing broken glass. But once in a Labatt’s Blue moon we stumble across an awesome hockey highlight that makes me feel bad about all of my Canada jokes. Then I watch anything Mike Myers or Jim Carrey have done in the past 10 years and I’m right back to making jokes about moose knuckle pucks.

But today is a happier day for hockey fans because we have a pretty cool hockey clip to share. Our crack team of researchers has determined that this clip is from a hockey game that took place sometime during the era of video recording devices and features two teams that have players and uniforms. What we do know is that this 17-year old hockey player just made the goalie into his prison girlfriend.

*He actually uses his opponent’s head, so the title is inaccurate, but… HEY! LOOK OVER THERE!

Video after the jump…

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