Holly Holm Is Officially Appealing Her Controversial UFC 208 Loss

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If you were left perplexed by Saturday’s unanimous decision victory Germaine de Randamie scored over Holly Holm at UFC 208, you’re not alone. Not only have analysts raised questions about the result, but Holm has too. In fact, the Rousey slayer is bringing the featherweight title outcome to the appeals stage.

MMA Fighting reports that Holm’s attorneys have taken their concerns to the New York State Athletic Commission with a complaint filed against referee Todd Anderson and an appeal of the result. As noted on the night of the fight, de Randamie continued the action beyond the horn in rounds 2 and 3 with strikes doing damage outside of the allotted time.

We respectfully request the commission review referee Anderson’s failure to assess a foul and render a decision regarding a point deduction following Round 2, and failure to assess a foul and a point deduction following Round 3, and determine an appropriate result,” read text of Holm’s filing.

After the fight, Holm shared that she believed de Randamie’s post-horn strikes weren’t an accident, although she did stress that she could have done a better job of taking advantage when de Randamie was hurt.

“Well, yeah (it was intentional),” she told the press. “If it’s one shot after the bell after a combo, that’s an accident. But I still think I could have won the fight on my own.”

The Preacher’s Daughter is currently riding a three loss streak in the UFC following her stunning victory over MMA titan Ronda Rousey. Holm has indicated that she’d be game for a rematch with de Randamie and de Randamie definitely seems interested after initially noting that she wanted to take time off for surgery. If the UFC were hoping for an ideal rollout of the Cyborg-friendly featherweight division, this can’t be the jumble they were counting on.

(Via MMA Fighting)