Holy Carp! Another Japanese League Player Makes Another Insane Catch

08.23.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

I’ll be honest: I’m in a horrible mood today. And this Spider-Man style catch from Japan’s Hiroshima Carp centerfielder doesn’t really do a lot to brighten my mood. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a terrific catch. Quite spectacular really, but I don’t know how he keeps climbing up the wall EVERY TIME. I mean, dude is making it look boring now. Why don’t you try to hit for power while you’re at it? FROM THE WALL. Here, just stay up there and I’ll throw you a bat. Then I’ll be impressed.

Actually, I’m not sure if this is the same guy that made that other catch. You know what they say about Japanese guys. They…uh…are all terrific athletes. Enjoy it after the jump. via NPB Tracker.

Actually, this is Soichiro Amaya, not Masato Akamatsu. Duh.

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