Hulk Hogan’s Weird Crush On His Daughter Continues

One of the weirdest running jokes in the world of professional wrestling is that legendary champion, Impact Wrestling General Manager and sex tape star Hulk Hogan has a thing for his daughter, Brooke. Most people came to this conclusion when pictures (like the one above) of Hulk thoroughly dousing her ass and ass-related areas with lotion showed up online. Then, he married a lady who looks exactly like her. Then they devoted two months of Impact TV time to Hogan desperately trying to keep his 24-year old daughter away from the clutches of BOYFRIENDS~. That ended with her trying to get married and her boobs falling out.

Anyway, the legend continues.

Over the weekend, the Hulkster took to his TWITTAH MACHINE to share a picture of Brooke. While that in itself is not creepy, the picture IS, and the caption makes it way, way worse.

yeah gurl, get it

Except don’t get it, because your dad is leering at you with his phone and has to show your body parts to the Internet. Yeah, I don’t know. Hulk took the picture down when the unanimous response was, “uhhhh,” but I’d love to see him take it in the other direction. Do a full-on Delroy Lindo in The Cider House Rules. “AIN’T NOBODY HAVIN’ SEX WITH MY LITTLE GIRL, INTERNET, THAT’S SOMETHIN’ A FATHER KNOWS.”

Okay, maybe not FULL Delroy Lindo.

[h/t to Foot Basket]