Iman Shumpert Recorded A Knicks Anthem, Because Of Course He Did

12.10.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

There are over 60 games left in the 2012-13 NBA season, so right now is the perfect time to start recording anthems about how your team is unstoppable. Iman Shumpert knows the value of a good anthem, and if anything gets the Knicks to the finals this year, it’ll be lines like, “Knicks Knicks Knicks Knicks Knicks Knicks Knicks Knicks Knicks Knicks Knicks.”

Via Cosby:

If you weren’t aware, Iman Shumpert is an aspiring rapper who also happens to be a promising young talent for the New York Knicks. The 6′ 5″ point guard from Georgia Tech has apparently been spending his time in the studio while out with a knee injury. For his latest ‘banger’ Shumpert remixes “Clique” off of G.O.O.D. Music’s Cruel Summer album, turning it into the “Knicks Anthem.”

I think my favorite part is when he says Knicks.

I’m not a basketball star OR an aspiring rapper, but I’m occasionally inspired to greatness by these sports guys, so I put together a remix of my own. Hopefully this will be the new NEW Knicks anthem, and I hope you like it:


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