The Colts Can Make The Playoffs, But The Scenario To Do So Is Hilariously Absurd

In the topsy-turvy world of the NFL, there’s no sure thing. That’s how you get moments like the Ryan Mallett-led Baltimore Ravens beating the Pittsburgh Steelers and possibly knocking Big Ben’s air-raid out of the playoffs. Still, when you look at what needs to happen for the Indianapolis Colts to make the playoffs, it really seems like a lot to ask of the football gods.

For those scoring at home, that’s nine specific outcomes that all need to go the Colts’ way for them to sneak into the playoffs. That seems… unlikely. Still, none of those games look impossible on their own — the most unlikely scenario is probably the Raiders beating the Chiefs, who are riding a nine-game win streak on the back of the best defense in the NFL. Either way, the odds are set at 3,300 to 1.

Cue Colts fans:


The San Diego Chargers were in a similar spot in 2013, when they needed a crazy domino effect to sneak into the playoffs, all culminating in the Kansas City Chiefs missing a field goal, allowing the Chargers to win in overtime (but not without a controversial fake punt/near turnover). It was a ludicrous set of circumstances, much like the 7-8 Colts need in Week 17. Never say never in the NFL.