Inspiring Athleticism Of The Day: Somebody Drove A Car Down The 'Rocky' Steps

10.25.13 5 years ago 7 Comments

Say your city has a beautiful, 136-year old museum filled with priceless works of art from Van Gogh, Renoir and Monet. Say this museum has an invaluable connection to your city, and that it was featured in the most iconic scene from an Academy Award-winner for Best Picture. What would you do with it? How would you treat it? If you live in Philadelphia and answered, “drive a car all over it,” CONGRATULATIONS, JERK.

For absolutely no reason whatsoever, somebody drove a convertible up the Philadelphia Museum of Art front steps (aka the “Rocky steps”) and back down again. It’s … basically the opposite of the inspiring athleticism Rocky made famous, and is the sort of thing you should fill someone with concrete about in bury them in the ocean for.

The report from CBS Philly:

Police are investigating after several people posted video of a convertible driving down the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps made famous in the movie “Rocky.”

Cellphone video posted on the Internet shows a black BMW convertible with the top down driving down the steps towards Eakins Oval at about midnight Thursday and then speeding off.

The video shows at least five other cars lined up at the top of the steps and eight people on the steps, some cheering for the driver.

Yes, we have that video. I’m honestly surprised the driver wasn’t yelling “woooo” with Hieronymus Bosch’s Epiphany smashed over his head. This is why we can’t have nice things.

Compare and contrast:

I’m not the Philadelphia police force, but my suggested punishment for this crime would be “hold the asshole down and let Sylvester Stallone punch him over and over as hard as possible until he gets tired.” Then let Carl Weathers, Mr. T and Dolph Lundgren take turns. Get Talia Shire in there if she wants a piece.

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