Introducing Australia's 'Carbeque', The Car That Has A BBQ Grill In The Trunk

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01.09.13 3 Comments

Want this now, please and thank you.

How many times have you been stuck in traffic after work, listening to nothing but terrible sports talk radio and, even worse, the growls of your hungry stomach? “Man,” you’d think to yourself unless you’re a girl, “What I wouldn’t give to be home right now, sinking my teeth into a juicy steak while my babe tells me how her pole dancing class went.” But all the while, you’d just keep glancing over to the car next to you, wondering why in the hell someone put wood paneling on the side of a f*cking PT Cruiser. Well, what if I told you that you never have to go hungry in your car again?
Thanks to an Australian radio show host named Merrick Watts, the world was given its first “Carbeque” back in November, as the automobile and grilling fanatic combined his two loves to turn the trunk of his 1973 Ford Langau into a full-blown BBQ grill. And to make it all even better, Watts had the car painted and detailed to look just like the “Last of the VB Interceptors” from Mad Max, because why the f*ck wouldn’t you do that?

“It is balls-out amazing!” a clearly enthusiastic Watts said before firing up the Cleveland V8-powered beast for the first time.
“I took our entire marketing budget… it’s not just a car, I introduced the world’s first… CARBEQUE!” Watts added.
“Half car half barbeque! It’s integrated, it’s part of its genetic make-up, it’s been spliced with a barbeque, you open up the boot, and out comes a cantilevered barbeque, the greatest barbeque you’ve ever seen… not some ratty little hot plate thing, a full blown barbeque!” (Via Just Auto)

What sucks for anyone who doesn’t live in Australia is that this car only exists in Australia. What sucks for people who do live in Australia is that this awesome creation won’t be seen again until the summer. Dudes, you can’t just make something like this, reveal it and then put it in storage. There’s no fun in that.
Of course, there have been similar creations – like the Brooks & Dunn Tundra Midnight Rider, which is awesome in its own right as well – but none of them combine the opportunity to make a great lunch for all of your fellow fans while also pretending like you’re saving them from post-apocalyptic killers. Best of both worlds, folks.
(H/T to Oddity Central)

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