Meet aXis Magazine Cover Model Lindsey Duke, Girlfriend Of UCF Quarterback Blake Bortles

Last we checked in with my very good friends from aXis Magazine, they had helped create quite the stir by getting Playboy Playmate and UCF alum Shanna McLaughlin into the Knights’ football locker room for quite the delightful photo shoot. A lot of people were all, “I can’t believe that George O’Leary and UCF would allow a girl to pose all seductively in the team’s locker room, that’s totally classless!” but those people were just jealous, because that’s my response to everything.

Well, this month’s aXis hit stands earlier this month, and while there are no photos inside the UCF locker room, the cover model is very close to the Knights football team. Her name is Lindsey Davis and she is UCF quarterback Blake Bortles’ girlfriend. If you’re unfamiliar with Bortles, he’s a very talented junior QB who threw for 3,059 yards and 25 touchdowns, and while that may not seem like much by college standards, it’s Peyton Manning-esque in an O’Leary offense.

What’s that? Stats are stupid and I should just get on with the video of the shoot and the photos? Good lord, my imaginary conversations with readers are pushy today.