It's Friday, So Here's The Ultimate Airball Compilation

Pro Wrestling Editor

Thursday’s edition of S.I.’s Hot Clicks contained a lot of gems (‘sup, Ashley Sky?), but none more enjoyable and reassuring than this compilation video of NBA players airballing shots. The first day of my Houston Rockets fandom was met with Jeremy Lin throwing up a Brandon Stroud-esque airball from three-point range, so it’s nice to see everyone doing it, and not just star players from a team I’ve chosen to shackle myself to for the rest of my life.

Highlights include LeBron James’ epic lob to nothing, Dennis Rodman trying (and failing) to pull off assy trick shots and Blake Griffin being the best Blake Griffin he can be. “Two free throws, a foot short, both of them.” It’s schadenfreude masquerading as a highlight reel, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Video is below.

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