Jackson State’s Mascot Got A 15-Yard Penalty For Pulling Players Off A Pile In The End Zone


With the NFL off this weekend, college football takes center stage and uses their weekend without their pro counterparts playing to spread games out across the entire weekend.

From Thursday through Monday there are college football games, and on Sunday, the main event would be Houston and Oklahoma facing off in the evening. However, before that Jackson State and Bethune-Cookman met on ESPN2 in a matchup of SWAC teams from the FCS, and during the third quarter that game featured one of the most bizarre penalties you’ll ever see.

Jackson State hit a deep pass to the end zone for a touchdown but a bit of a scrum ensued for the ball as the Jackson State mascot came charging onto the field to celebrate. The mascot decided to hop into the pile and try pulling players off, resulting in a 15-yard penalty being given to the mascot.

There are few things funnier than a mascot getting penalized, because, well, it’s a guy in a giant tiger costume costing the team he’s cheering on actual yards on the field for getting way too involved. Bethune-Cookman would go on to take a 22-15 lead on Jackson State after the Tigers had taken the lead in the third, and if the Tigers fail to win, you can bet the person inside the mascot costume will get quite the earful from the athletic department.