Turns Out Jason Whitlock’s Colin Kaepernick Skit Won’t Air On Fox Sports

09.07.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

Remember when Jason Whitlock tried to make everyone upset with a Tweet about having a fake Colin Kaepernick on the set of his Fox Sports show? Well, the ensuing outrage was enough to make sure the segment will never see the light of day on the sports network.

Whitlock’s Tweet, if you don’t recall, was a picture of Whitlock on a Fox Sports set wearing a red apron and holding a football. Next to him was a man wearing an afro wig and wearing a Kaepernick San Francsco 49ers jersey while raising a gloved fist in the air.

The man, according to TMZ, was Christopher Reid. You know, Kid from Kid ‘n Play. That probably deserves its own moment of odd recognition, but then I’d advise you to put it behind you because you won’t be seeing Kid as Kaep anytime soon.

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