Jeff Saturday Called Kayvon Thibodeaux’s Celebration Next To An Injured Nick Foles ‘Just Trash’

The Giants dominated the Colts on Sunday to clinch their first playoff berth since 2016, but the story coming out of the 38-10 romp of Indianapolis wasn’t so much about New York’s quality of play, but the celebration from rookie Kayvon Thibodeaux after a late second quarter sack of Nick Foles led to the veteran QB leaving the game with a rib injury.

Thibodeaux sacked Foles and began doing snow angels on the ground next to him immediately while Foles writhed in pain until the trainers came out. It was a rather incredible visual, in part because of how long Thibodeaux laid there doing snow angels (on a day where it wasn’t even snowing) next to the clearly injured Foles. Afterwards, there were plenty of people not happy with the rookie’s antics, and unsurprisingly Colts coach Jeff Saturday can be counted among those who was upset with the celebration.

On Monday, Saturday called the celebration “tasteless” and “just trash” and wished his offensive line had done more to protect and stick up for Foles (which, to be clear, should’ve started with blocking Thibodeaux).

The general consensus is that Thibodeaux’s celebration was a bit much, particularly continuing going after he seemingly glanced over and saw Foles still there in pain, but hopefully this can be the end of the discourse and all parties involved can move on (with Foles hopefully able to recover, although Sam Ehlinger will start the final game of the year for the Colts).