Jennifer Lopez Broke Up With Her Longtime Boyfriend Because Of The Diaz/McGregor Fight

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When you need to see a fight, you need to see a fight. I’ve been an MMA fan for many years, and it’s fair to say that Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz 2 was must-see. After the ridiculous can throwing incident, UFC 202 was trending to be the biggest fight in PPV history. This was Conor McGregor at his most unhinged and most confident, while Nate Diaz mean-mugged and threw up middle fingers like he just got his black belt in fight nihilism. A fight like Diaz/McGregor 2 doesn’t happen every day. And so, friends and family would have to be ignored for one Saturday night.

Jennifer Lopez does not like to be ignored.

According to TMZ, Jennifer Lopez broke up with her longtime boyfriend Casper Smart because he decided to attend UFC 202 over Ron Perelman’s Hamptons fundraiser supporting the Apollo Theater which was being held the same night as the fight. J-Lo was reportedly enraged and made the announcement that the couple was done on her website. This announcement was completely unbeknownst to Smart, who was probably coming home either elated that McGregor won, deflated from the Diaz loss, or just buzzed because the fight was an instant classic.

Imagine coming down for McGregor/Diaz 2 to find out that Jennifer Lopez has broken up with you. Casper is an artist, and his art is dancing. Now, he’s probably sadly dancing the night away while thinking about Nate vs. Conor 3. That’s the only way he can get through this.