‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants Didn’t Recognize Dave Chappelle And People On Twitter Couldn’t Believe It

Jeopardy! news these days has alternated between varying levels of sadness over the death of Alex Trebek and uncertain controversy with various guest hosts dealing with comments they’ve made outside of the game show’s studio. But thankfully we do have a bit of normalcy to report: contestants are blanking on very easy questions (for most people) and social media reacting with outrage.

The latest in this fabled, ahem, genre of Jeopardy! clip came on Wednesday night in Double Jeopardy with a category called Funny Business. A contestant went right for the $2,000 question, which was a clue about a comedian who took part in the movie A Star Is Born. The clue even came with a picture of the comedian, an extremely famous one: Dave Chappelle.

But despite Chappelle’s ubiquity in the comedy world, no one on stage seemed willing to pull the trigger on the signaling device and get some free Jeopardy! money.

There is something very funny about guest host Ken Jennings smiling and saying “that’s Dave Chappelle” to the contestants playing. It certainly seems like something Jennings would know if he were at one of the other podiums on the stage, but perhaps that’s why he’s the GOAT and hosting the show, not seeking their first win among two other competitors.

In any event, people really struggled with very smart people not knowing who Chappelle is, and they had a lot of Chappelle’s Show GIFs ready to express their frustration on Twitter.

Even former contestants playing along at home were surprised no one took a stab at it.

Perhaps those playing are simply not comedy fans. But it’s yet another example that a culture’s working knowledge of trivia is always in flux. And apparently those writing the clues were right to make it the hardest question in the category.