Jerry Rice Went Undercover As A Lyft Driver And Apparently, No One Knows What He Looks Like

The tourists have officially begun to descend on the Bay Area in anticipation of Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara this Sunday, which means plenty of business for Uber and Lyft drivers. With such easy money out there for the taking, it’s no wonder Jerry Rice is out there giving rides. The surge prices mean he can’t afford NOT to!

Kidding, of course. This is an ad for Lyft wherein Rice goes “undercover” to see if San Francisco 49ers fans recognize him, and of course no one recognized him because it’s a commercial and they can edit these things. I personally refuse to believe the Bay Area is that stupid on the whole. He wasn’t even in a proper disguise! He just had a beard, a hat and sunglasses on. Sure, that’s enough to trick your dog into thinking he’s the devil himself, but just listen to the man’s voice, San Francisco.

But buried in all this frustration is a Lyft ride that a nice lady takes, only to get her ear talked off by Rice claiming he’s a “method dancer” or some such nonsense. It’s hard to say exactly what Rice is going for (unless he’s hitting on her — MALE LYFT/UBER DRIVERS, PLEASE DON’T HARASS YOUR FEMALE PASSENGERS WHEN THEY’RE TRAPPED IN YOUR CAR), but it’s easy to tell just how little that passenger cares. Stay strong, passenger lady. Hopefully Rice got you there on time, at least.