Jesus Luzardo Supposedly Broke His Finger ‘Accidentally Hitting The Desk’ While Playing A Video Game

Jesus Luzardo of the Oakland Athletics was a surprise addition to the injury list on Sunday when Oakland placed him on the injury list with a fractured hand. He had recently pitched on Saturday but was pulled after giving up six runs in the third inning. Initially, it appeared to just be a pitcher having a bad day, but now it seems possible he was playing through an injury, but how did that injury occur? According to the A’s, it was from many people’s favorite hobby: video games.

According to A’s manager Bob Melvin, the injury occurred while Luzardo was playing a game and he “accidentally” bumped his finger into the desk. The injury only got worse from there and they were forced to place him on the injury list.

While we have no reason to believe that Melvin is lying to us about how Luzardo’s injury occurred, it’s hard to see how someone would “accidentally” hit their finger into a desk while playing a game. Whether he’s using a controller, or a mouse and keyboard, your fingers aren’t usually in danger of fracturing from gaming. Not unless someone were to take their hand, ball it into a fist, and slam their hand down in rage. That would be a far more likely cause of a pinky finger injury and something that most people who have played a game have probably done before.

Luzardo’s injury is not only bizarre, but it’s very fitting of the sport of baseball. For whatever reason, baseball players historically get injured in bizarre ways like when José Quintana cut open his thumb doing dishes, or that time a barbell fell on top of Hunter Strickland while he was bench pressing. Luzardo isn’t even the first time a player was injured through video games, as back in 2006, Tigers pitcher Joel Zumaya was injured because he played too much Guitar Hero.

We’ll just add Luzardo to the list of bizarre baseball injuries. He is not the first and he will certainly not be the last.