How Comedian Jim Breuer Became The Unofficial Spokesman For Mets Fans

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The New York Mets are off to a great start this season. Alex Torres’ odd-looking hat aside, the team is leading the National League East with a 15-7 record and is undefeated at home. All the while, Saturday Night Live alumni, Half Baked star and diehard Mets fan Jim Breuer has been posting reaction videos regularly to his Facebook page.

Some are from the stands:

Others are from his home in New Jersey:

MLB Central had Breuer on yesterday’s show, and they asked him about his feelings regarding the team’s current performance and past history:

Listen, Mets fans are like battered dogs. We got a nice home, and when the owner feeds us at night, we just take it in stride. We’re very excited, but I don’t see the Mets in the World Series.

The stand-up comedian is currently promoting his new comedy special Comic Frenzy, which premieres next month on EPIX. While discussing the new hour, Breuer and I talked about his love for the Mets, how the reaction videos first came about, and his future plans with the organization.

UPROXX: You’ve been uploading a lot of Mets recap videos onto Facebook. Are you a lifelong fan, or is this more recent?

Jim Breuer: No, I’ve been a diehard Mets fan forever. I’ve actually been trying to do things with the Mets for awhile, and they’ve never really come to fruition. So, I just started putting little videos on Facebook. I’m not social media savvy, but someone just showed me how easy it is just to put up a video. I always wanted to do a Mets fan… the way Mets fans feel watching the games and after the games. So, I was like, “Oh, this is a cool, fun thing to do.” It’s turned into just madness. To the point where they’ve reached out and notified me. We’re going to be working on something.

UPROXX: That’s awesome!

Breuer: It’s pretty nuts. Major League Baseball has had me on, the Mets, radio is playing it… it’s just me having fun.

UPROXX: Good for you! I’m a lifelong Houston Astros fan, so I have nothing to cheer about.

Breuer: Ah, that’s brutal!

When asked about the “something” that Breuer and his beloved team were “working on,” the Mets organization said this in an email:

We enjoy having many different celebrities out to Mets games. Especially those that are Mets fans. If you attend a Mets game, you never know who you might see in the crowd.

So nothing, really, but that’s okay. Breuer is doing a fantastic job by himself on Facebook, and I’m sure whatever he and the Mets are cooking up will be just as good.

Check out the first official promo for Comic Frenzy, which debuts on EPIX on Friday, May 29 at 10 p.m. EST.