All The Coke Cans In Michigan’s Media Room Say ‘Team,’ Because Of Course They Do

Harbaugh Cans

Jim Harbaugh is the new Michigan coach. I bet you didn’t know that, but if you did know that, good for you. I bet you didn’t know that Jim Harbaugh is the brother of John Harbaugh, and the two of them coached against each other in the Super Bowl once. Okay, you knew that, too.

Well, did you know that in the media room at Michigan, where Jim Harbaugh is now the head coach, all the Coke cans now say “Team” instead of reading any of the other names that Coke cans have on them now?

See, I knew I’d provide you with some new and interesting information.

Of course these cans say TEAM. TEAM is what Jim Harbaugh is all about, and he’s trying to change the culture at Michigan, a school which has won an average of 6.6 games per year since that 11-2 Sugar Bowl-winning season in Brady Hoke’s first year. Together Everyone Achieves Michigan.

Although these cans really shouldn’t be Ohio State colors. You’d think they’d at least go with Pepsi and try to get some Big Blue in there. If Harbaugh can keep the cans in line and focused on the prize, the media room might be in for a big year. Hopefully the Michigan players will take notice.

This is officially the biggest can news since Navin Johnson found himself in the phone book.