Jim Harbaugh Literally Could Not Believe Michael Jordan Called Him

Jim Harbaugh is the hyper-intense, overly earnest dad/head coach of the University of Michigan, which recently signed an exclusive apparel deal with Nike and Jordan. It was a big deal in the sponsorship industry, and it apparently came with a little pageantry.

Much in the way President Obama calls someone much less powerful and famous than he on the event of a major accomplishment, Michael Jordan decided to grace Harbaugh’s ears with his voice to commemorate the landmark signing. It started out a little awkwardly, considering that Harbaugh didn’t recognize said voice:

Jim Harbaugh played in the NFL and coached in the NFL. He coached in the Super Bowl. He’s met quite a few famous people, most of them athletes. If I told you he’d met Michael Jordan, you would probably believe it. But he still reacted the same way you or I would when an unrecognized number calls out of the blue and says he’s Michael Jordan. Well, not exactly the same way:

This has been another edition of Jim Harbaugh, Overly Earnest Dad. Stay tuned for Jim Harbaugh, Hyper-Intense Dad when Michigan’s season kicks off on Sept. 3 against Utah.

(Via ESPN and Big Ten Network)