Jim Nantz Unloaded On Greg Hardy During The Cowboys-Patriots Game

Now that Dallas Cowboys’ defensive end Greg Hardy is eligible to play after serving his four-game suspension for domestic violence, there has been quite a lot of talk about Hardy and his unapologetic attitude recently.

We’ve heard from Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, Katie Nolan, Terry Bradshaw, the NFLPA , and of course, Hardy himself.

Now, CBS play-by-play man Jim Nantz has chimed in, giving his thoughts as Hardy played in Sunday’s Cowboys-Patriots game in Dallas.

After calling the play, Nantz didn’t hold back with his thoughts on Hardy’s remarks from earlier in the week.

“Here he is playing for the first time. [He] talks to the media this week and says these absolutely outrageous, unrepentant remarks.  You talk to come people in Dallas and they thought, ‘hey, the guy was just trying to be funny’. There was nothing funny about it.”

“With his suspension reduced, you thought you might see some contrition with him when he met with the media this week, but it was anything but that.”

Nantz’s broadcast partner Phil Simms raised the question of whether or not Hardy would still be in the league if he wasn’t so talented, then said that he believed Hardy could help transform the Cowboys into a Super Bowl contender.

Regardless of your thoughts on Hardy being able to continue playing, his comments certainly were tone deaf, and as long as he continues to be a factor with the Cowboys, he is going to continue to create controversy just being in the lineup.