Jimmy Fallon Setting French Open Grunts To Music Worked Perfectly

If it’s related to sports, and it can be turned into a joke of some kind, Jimmy Fallon’s writers are on it. The latest installment was after last week’s French Open, which saw Serena Williams and Stan Wawrinka claim singles titles.

Tennis grunts are funny on their own, and have been for quite some time, but set to music, there’s a cadence and rhythm that otherwise might have been lost in the “YAAAAAHHHHs” and “GRRUURUUGHHHHHs” between shots. Now I’m just waiting for an industrious producer to start sampling the grunts in a new mixtape. Somebody out there smarter than me should be able to do that in like a day with Pro Tools.

And since we’re talking about tennis and music, the classic “Serena crip walking” GIF must be included.

serena williams crip walk

(Via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon)