Joe Fauria Of The Detroit Lions Says He Hurt His Ankle Trying To Stop His Dog From Peeing

Joe Fauria’s not so fleet of foot after all. The Lions’ TE, who became popular last year for his TD dances, claims he busted his ankle running after his dog who had just peed everywhere. That’s a whopper of a story and frankly, you have to believe him right? Because that’s really damn embarrassing and I’m not sure anyone wants to admit to that.

Via MLive:

He said he sprained his left ankle while chasing his dog, a husky-pomeranian mix named “Rufio,” down some stairs in his apartment building. The dog was beginning to urinate, so Fauria was rushing and missed the final two steps.

“My carpet goes to hardwood and I was wearing socks, and just put all my weight on my left foot,” said Fauria, who is on crutches and wearing a boot on his left foot. “It was kind of an agonizing pain.”

As somebody who doesn’t wear pants and wears socks on hardwood, I can back Fauria on this. I’ve fallen at least a dozen times in the last year. Sure, I’m not an athlete and I’m morbidly obese but whatever, stop judging. Fauria also addressed the rumors that he hurt himself playing volleyball.

“I was out there warming up and cheering them on and stuff — probably antagonizing the other team, which is probably why they’re mad at me. But that’s really it.”

So if you’re scoring at home, the Lions have had three bizarre injuries in the last calendar year. Nate Burleson broke his arm protecting a pizza and Stephen Tulloch tore his ACL doing this.

I fully expect Matthew Stafford to get hit by a bridge and OH MY GOD that almost happened!