Joe Namath Wants To Make The Ladies Wet

For all the time that we spend criticizing athletes for the way they use Twitter, we don’t commend them nearly enough. Case in point, during last night’s 27-7 thrashing of the Cincinnati Bengals, New York Jets legend Joe Namath took time away from supporting his team to point out how nice it is when rain makes contact with the skin of cheerleaders. Tweeted Namath:

First of all, I feel like a complete boob for not knowing that Namath had a Twitter account. But at the same time I am disappointed that I haven’t heard more controversy stemming from his account. We all have to start somewhere, though, and thankfully now I know. And is there controversy over this Tweet? Of course there is.

Why, the New York Post is just flabbergasted by this atrocity.

2. JOE NAMATH – Here is where Twitter is a dangerous thing. Jets legend Joe Namath tweets during the games, and he offers some interesting insight at times. At others? Not so much. Sunday night this tweet went out from @realjoenamath, “Gotta love seeing wet cheerleaders.” Oh boy. Yes, the Jets “Flight Crew” looked like they were in a Motley Crue video bouncing around soaking wet. Considering Namath’s past antics (see Kolber, Suzy), he needs to think before tweeting.

Oh please, like we’re going to change our opinion of Broadway Joe at this point. We love Namath’s goofy misogynistic ways. Hell, if it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have our cooler, more popular older brothers over at Kissing Suzy Kolber. Well, at least not under that delightful name.

So to honor our creepy uncle Namath, and because there isn’t much else going on today other than the Oakland Raiders continuing to spiral into oblivion, I thought we could explore Namath’s claim that we indeed have to love wet cheerleaders. Well, it is in the name of science, so let’s do it.