Johan Franzen Got His Teammate Some Sweet Mike Babcock Inspired Bed Sheets

08.11.15 4 years ago

Mike Babcock left the Detroit Red Wings to become the new head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs this offseason, and Wings forward Johan Franzen was concerned about how teammate Gustav Nyquist would be without him. Franzen took it into his own hands to make sure that Nyquist always remembered his former coach, by way of giving him custom-made bed sheets featuring Babcock’s likeness.

Honestly, pretty cool sheets if you’re a Red Wings fan. In the caption Franzen writes:

Hey Nyquist, I know you been sad ever since your dad signed for Toronto so I had these custom bed sheets made for u so u always can be close to him #detroit #detroitredwings #babcock #nyquist #separationanxiety #nhl

Not bad, Franzen. I wonder if there’s a company in Detroit that makes bed sheets of all of the legendary coaches from the Motor City. I could really use a new pair of Jim Leyland linens or a Chuck Daly comforter to help me get through the night.

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