Johnny Manziel Provides A Reminder That He Can Still Make Spectacular Plays

Despite almost having his head taken off earlier, Johnny Manziel stayed in the game for the Browns against Pittsburgh — and while Cleveland has continued to struggle, he showed flashes of why many people still believe he can be the Browns QB of the future on this play.

After it appeared as though the Steelers had an easy sack, Manziel showed off the maneuverability that won him the Heisman Trophy. He broke tackles and danced around the pocket until he saw an opening that put him off to the races where he was taken down just shy of the end zone.

While Manziel’s run got the Browns to the half yard-line, in true Browns fashion, two back-to-back penalties on the following plays pushed them back behind the ten yard-line, and then Manziel showed why so many other people think he will never be a full-time starter with a terrible throw across his body that was intercepted.


The true best and worst of Johnny Football on display, in one sequence.