Jon Daly Wants You To Know Who John Daly Is In ‘The Adult Swim Golf Classic’

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Anyone familiar with the world of golf knows the name John Daly. Ever since the colorful golfer’s surprise win at the 1991 PGA Championship, the “Wild Thing” has become something of a legend both on and off the golf course. And if Kroll Show alum and Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre regular Jon Daly has anything to say about it, the other John’s star will still shine long after the final embers of the post-apocalyptic Earth whither and die.

Daly and fellow comedian Adam Scott, who also shares a name with a famous professional golfer, joined forces to make The Adult Swim Golf Classic, which airs Friday, April 8 at 11:30 p.m. ET. In character as their golfing alter egos, the two played an actual round of golf for charity a la the Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf series from the ’60s.

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