Jon Jones Went On Twitter To Discuss His Drug Suspension With UFC Fans

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Yesterday, the Nevada State Athletic Commission temporarily suspended Jon Jones and revealed the substances he tested positive for leading up to UFC 200: estrogen blocker Hydroxy-clomiphene and aromatase inhibitor Letrozole. Both are the kind of things a steroid user would take post-cycle to keep from growing man-boobs and avoid a number of other unfortunate side effects of jacking your testosterone levels up.

For his part, Jon Jones took to Twitter later in the day to maintain his innocence and respond to some fans and critics. One user asked: “@JonnyBones the man built for great things, yet throws it all away…. How many comebacks can you have in one career?” To which Jones replied: “As many as it takes for me to get it right, as many as I’m willing to fight for.”

He also sounded like he was still hoping to clear his name. “Don’t write me off just yet, I know in my heart that I’m not a cheater. I trust in the system to help me prove it,” he wrote in one tweet, while in another he said he’d “already sent products to a lab. I have nothing to hide.”

It wasn’t all confidence and positivity. When a user wrote: “USADA has exposed you. You’ve probably been using roids your whole career. No way should you be considered as the goat.” Jones replied: “Yep that’s the consensus.”

“Why are you talking like you’re a victim? You could’ve prevented this so easily?” another asked. He replied: “Not trying 2 come across as a victim if anything Im a victim of my own ignorance & yes this could’ve been prevented.”

And while I’m sure Jon would appreciate the benefit of the doubt from fans, he doesn’t seem to be extending that to the other big UFC 200 fighter who failed a USADA drug test: Brock Lesnar. Here’s Jones’ thought on that…

It’s worth noting that this suspension and impromptu Twitter Q&A happened on Jones’ birthday. Probably not the best birthday he’s ever had.