Jordan Crawford May Have Said Something Naughty To Carmelo Anthony

NBA 6th Man of the Year JR Smith said that if he hadn’t been suspended for Game 4 of the first round of the New York Knicks playoff matchup against the Boston Celtics, he’d be playing golf right now. That’s because the Knicks would have swept the Celtics, you see, but since he wasn’t there to hit a few shots and dance like a wild man in front of Louis CK, Boston won Game 4.

So it should have been over last night with Smith back for Game 5, right? WRONG, YOU FOOLS! The Celtics absolutely stymied the Knicks on defense, making Smith and NBA scoring leader Carmelo Anthony look downright foolish at times in a 92-86 victory that was not nearly as close as the score suggests.

Now, with the Celtics within one game of forcing this series to go the distance, you can imagine that things might be getting a little heated between these two bitter rivals. And it is, because sports are awesome.

It started with the reason Smith was suspended – this totally unnecessary hit on Jason Terry.

Unnecessary being the keyword, but “hilarious” and “super awesomely fun to watch” being the appropriate accessory words. Last night, things got personal, though, as Celtics seat-warmer Jordan Crawford shouted what appears to be, “My boy f*cked your wife” at Anthony.

In this reference, “my boy” means Kevin Garnett, who claimed earlier this season to have slept with La La Vasquez-Anthony, but that was just brushed off as typical KG trash talk because he’s an A-hole like that. But is that absolutely what Crawford said? Let’s turn to this GIF for further interpretation:

Here are some other things he may have said:

My toy duck is a delight.

My bok choi sucked at dinner tonight.

Hi, goy, tucked shirts are all right.

Bye soy, chucked meat is the life.

I have to say that the jury is out on this one.