Redskins’ Jordan Reed Decided To Punch A Panther In The Helmet And Paid The Price

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Washington tight end Jordan Reed had one catch and threw one punch at the Carolina Panthers on Monday Night Football.

Given Jordan Reed’s injury history this season, he should not be punching facemasks. And yet, he threw a punch that got him ejected in the third quarter of a crucial game in the NFC Wild Card race.

Reed got into it with Carolina safety Kurt Coleman, grabbing his jersey and spinning him around. The two then squared up and Reed punched Coleman in the facemask with his right hand while teammates held the Panther back.

Reed then struck a boxing pose and looked ready to fight multiple Panthers, if necessary, but most of them stared at him. Knowing what’s coming, an excited Thomas Davis jumped up in the air multiple times in a “throw the flag” dance. The officials obliged, and Reed was ejected from the game.

Reed is a talented tight end that’s done a great job making Kirk Cousins look good in between battling a shoulder injury and a concussion this year. Given the troubles he’s had staying on the field, it doesn’t seem ideal that he’d get himself removed from a game with an entire quarter to play. At least he didn’t break his hand, I guess.