Julian Edelman, Bradley Cooper Visited A Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor

The other day, New England Patriots receiver Danny Amendola Tweeted that he’d be donating $100 for every reception he recorded this season, as well as $200 for every dropped pass, to the Boston Marathon Relief Fund, and he received a mostly-gracious response. There were a few guys, though, who took offense to the Tweet and accused Amendola of being desperate for attention, and I could understand if people make the case that he’s trying to fill the big shoes of Wes Welker in terms of winning over Pats fans, but why the hell do we care? He’s awesome for doing anything.

Amendola’s new Pats teammate, Julian Edelman, and guy who should be my best friend, Bradley Cooper, also paid tribute, as they visited Jeffrey Bauman, Jr. in the hospital after he lost both his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing. Despite the intensity of his injuries, Bauman still provided the description of one of the bombers that led to today’s insane manhunt.

So people can criticize athletes all they want for being hungry for attention or seeking fame, but if that is the case, then more athletes need to seek attention, because it’s f*cking awesome when they do.