Under Armour Made Julio Jones Migos-Inspired Cleats For The Super Bowl And They’re Amazing

We’ve seen a lot of incredible custom cleats this season in the NFL, but Julio Jones’ custom Super Bowl kicks might take the cake.

Under Armour unveiled Jones’ Migos-inspired Super Bowl cleats that feature custom art on both sides pay homage the Migos’ latest album Culture. The cleats are extremely dope, and I love that the Falcons’ superstar receiver chose to represent Atlanta with a tribute to the hottest rap group in the city. It’s also fitting because defenders would tell you that Jones is “Slippery” when he’s got the ball in the open field.

The close-up shots on the cleats show the incredible detail of the art, including Julio Jones in place of the Migos and “Super Bowl” written in graffiti instead of “NAWF,” as it is on the album cover.

Not only do the cleats give a nod to the Migos’ new album, they also give a shout-out to Atlanta the TV show, starring Donald Glover with Atlanta written in the show’s title font on the front of the cleats.

It’s really unfortunate that Jones won’t be allowed to wear these cleats in the actual game without getting fined, but I hope he does and someone foots the bill because these are exceptional. If he does grace the Super Bowl field in these cleats for the game itself, I’d have to set the Falcons line at –17.5 (same color T-shirt).