A Mystery UFC Fan Has Offered Justine Kish $15,000 For Her Poopy Fight Shorts

07.03.17 10 months ago

Things did not go well for Justine Kish at UFC Fight Night: Oklahoma City last week. Not only did she lose a unanimous decision to Felice Herrig (by 30-26 on two scorecards), but she ended up accidentally crapping her pants escaping a deep choke with thirty seconds left in the fight. Most people watching the fight probably didn’t even notice the smattering of brown stains on the canvas as it happened, but the few who did quickly notified the internet, and now the world is very aware that Kish dropped a deuce in the cage.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. It’s actually a lot more frequent than you’d imagine, what with fighters regularly cutting 15 to 30 or more pounds the day before a bout to make weight. Follow that up with all the crazy body stressors of a full contact fight, and we’re almost surprised this isn’t a monthly thing.

That being said, this was definitely one of the more visible incidents to ever occur in the UFC, and props to Justine Kish for taking the embarrassing situation in stride.

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