Kate Upton Is The Hottest Woman In The History Of The Circus

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.04.11 13 Comments

Today, With Leather readers, is one of those wonderful days when I get to share with you a brand new Kate Upton photoshoot. This one is for the LOLA Cruise 2012 Collection, and the pictures are so good I am going to buy a gross of swimsuits and leave them to rot in a storage unit somewhere just to say how grateful I am to the designers.
What you need to know:
1. Kate Upton was once in the “Sports Illustrated” and swimming can be a sport, so this counts as sports.
2. The gallery features Kate modeling every swimsuit in the collection, and she makes sure to give you a clear view of the front and a clear view of the back, so you’ll have an educated opinion on what to purchase and/or pass out and wake up with your credit cards maxed out.
3. Near the end of the collection it stops being about swimsuits and turns into circus cosplay, which is still not great for animals, but is a step up from sexily milking a cow.
4. Clicking the pictures takes you to a bigger version. You should click every single one.
Hopefully you’ve ignored this list and are already clicking through. The gallery comes to you by way of our friends at Popaholic, so please take a moment to patronize them when you’re done, uh, patronizing yourself.

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