The Jaguars Are Now Incorporating Kate Upton Into Their Audible Calls During Preseason

During the first quarter of Jaguars-Jets on Thursday, Blake Bortles looked over the Jets defense and didn’t like what he saw. Like any quarterback in this situation, he changed the play by alerting his teammates with a secret code only they know.

That audible code? “Kate Upton New York.”

You see, Kate Upton is a famous model. So by shouting her name instead of, say, Omaha, we all get a chuckle during a dull moment in a tedious game.

So what is the “Kate Upton New York” play? A handoff to Chris Ivory.

How can that translate to a running a play? Let’s break it down with what we know.

Well, who is Upton? A woman. A model. She’s beautiful. Some men would cut their hand off to meet her. Hand. Off. Handoff! The play is going to be a handoff!

What about the New York part? Hmmm. This game is against New York, but was played in New Jersey. But New York was the 11th state ratified into the union. Eleven. There are eleven players on a field. Ivory had ELEVEN touchdowns over his four seasons in the NFL. It’s going to Ivory!

So if the Jets were paying attention, they’d have known this would be a handoff to Ivory. But they were probably too distracted by the Kate Upton mention to notice. Crafty move, Jaguars.

(Jimmy Traina on Twitter)